15 responses to “Lily and the Lamplight”

  1. Optimistic Existentialist

    Always looking so lovely and beautiful. I wish you a wonderful weekend :)

  2. coffeeandcleveland

    I know nothing about clothing or fashion. You naming a store in LA have me like “What?” I love shopping local, I just usually can’t afford boutique prices. Modcloth has a section of clothing on their website that’s made in the USA.

  3. Stefanie

    I’m itching for Spring as well. Love the outfit.

  4. Siffat Haider

    I am loving this coat on you! Red is your colour!

  5. Alexandra Consolver

    Progress is progress. Baby steps count. :) :) Though this is bigger than baby! That jacket absolutely reminds me of almost famous too. Though I still have not seen it! Crazypants. I love the skirt and it’s so great that you can get it altered a bit to be longer, etc. That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable wearing it in the office. :) XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. rae tashman (@lovefromberlin)

    So crazy about this look, especially that stunning coat. Love the 60s vibes so much.

    Rae | LFB Blogazine

  7. Laura

    i love the skirt, and the jacket looks amazing on you as well! it sounds like your swetshop-free shopping is going well:-) i’d love to do something like that and think i will sometime in the future – or at least start transitioning into more ethical fashion/clothing. i think it’d also encourage me to sew more again which i’ve not done in absolute ages! xx

  8. Mary lee

    really lovely outfit, that coat is beautiful!!

  9. cattitudeandco

    That jacket is everything!! Red looks wonderful on you

  10. Kasie Chelanne

    You’re definitely having an Almost Famous moment in this look! I adore that coat, how fabulous!

  11. Laila

    I’d recommend The Third Kind in north london (whenever you’re next down here) for shoes – all their stuff is vegan and ethically sourced. It’s pricey but if you’re cutting down on spending then I think it’s justified? I feel like we’re on a similar wave-length with these kind of things – I buy maybe one pair of shoes a year (or less) and don’t mind spending £50+ because I’m expecting it to last for the next 8-10 years. (Also, that shop is round the corner from me so hit me up if you do go). I also like vintage shoes, there’s a place in Camden with loads of amazing pairs.

    Also, this skirt is amazing! I’m very much a miniskirt, animal print kind of person and was looking at the pictures thinking “I love that but it looks a bit long”. Now I’ve read you asked for some extra inches I’ll have to look into getting a shortened one for myself hahaa. xx

  12. didieryhc

    omg that jacket is so darn cute!!!


  13. missdsquared413

    I love the red velvet with the leopard print skirt. Super chic and inspired! Stay classy lady.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  14. Rebecca Miriam

    Oh my I love the way you’ve styled the jacket!

    xx, rebecca

  15. Lisa

    This jacket is excellent! Looks great outfit!

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