23 responses to “Monterey and the Madonna Inn”

  1. Chelsea

    So many beautiful photos. Sad it’s the end of your LA blogging! What an adventure xxx

  2. Marta

    You guys are adorable and these photos are great. That cottage is lovely!


  3. coffeeandcleveland

    It’s okay if you pronounce Monterey wrong! :) My hometown is called Mentor, but we all pronounce it ‘menner.’ Whenever I hear someone not from the city pronounce it ‘men-tor’ I always laugh.

    By the way, I think I might be heading to Scotland this summer. My friend really wants to travel somewhere, and asked me if I wanted to come because she doesn’t want to go alone. I’ve been wanting to visit Scotland forever because my family is from there, and when my friend mentioned she wanted to visit Scotland or Ireland it felt like destiny! :)

  4. nitinkhannaphotographer

    Lovely Pictures and Cottage too. Clicks are really amazing specially the 2 and 4th one. Appreciate your work.

  5. Laila

    I love the photo of you two! This is giving me so much inspiration for a roadtrip Jess! You went to so many places and I’ve loved reading about it since you got back! That gif is amazing, the whales look incredible. I am obsessed with marine life! I also really love that picture of you in front of orange (?) wall where you’ve got the yellow top. You look so strong and energised! xx

  6. Alexandra Consolver

    Oh lovely! I’m so glad that you two had such a great trip! Whale watching is just my favorite thing to do. It’s so lovely. I’ve been twice, once in Boston and once in Alaska. It was incredible. We’ve never seen one breach, only tails and heads as well, but always incredible nonetheless. :) So glad you got to see humpbacks and fin whales. :) Oh cramps are the worst, awesome about your airbnb host! :) Love the gif at the end! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Dora

    You guys look so happy and sweet in the photos, so it must have been such an amazing vacation! I am in love with the photo of the ocean. So beautiful.

  8. Kathryn

    Wow, so many beautiful photos! It sounds like a really great trip, although those end of vacation blues can be the worst! Hope your week is off to a great start, though.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  9. Siffat Haider

    These pictures are beautiful, and you two are so cute!

  10. Alyse

    I’ve been whale watching just once with my parents when I was younger; I love the feeling of being out at sea, looking at large, majestic animals. Looks like your California traveling was a hodgepodge of lots of fun activities! And yes, doing things out here is definitely pricey. The 101, like most California inland highways, frankly just sucks, haha. I’d say the Pacific Coast Highway is the most scenic!

  11. Laura

    this sounds like such a good ending to your trip! and whale watching sounds incredible, it’s definitely something i want to do and will try and arrange for myself this year, hehe:-) xx

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