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  1. lastyearsgirl

    This post makes me want to shoot on film again. And to listen to Death Cab’s “Bixby Canyon Bridge”.

  2. marieken

    Sorry I haven’t visited your blog in quite a while! What an amazing, wonderful trip that must have been. Although the fires and possibility of bears being closeby sound very scary. I agree about the politics thing. I am afraid of what will happen over here at the next elections. The ones in the United States show that really everything is possible.

  3. simplyalexandra12

    Oh what a lovely post! What type of camera do you use? Your photos from this entire trip have been stunning! Un-welcoming hosts are kind of the worst. :( We’ve had mixed airbnb experiences for sure! All the pets are sweet, and I am glad that you were able to enjoy the rest of your trip and the lovely views! I loved the beach so much. We sat there for quite a bit and even saw whales from the coast. The drive was lovely, I was glad to have taken a bit of motion medicine though! KC was not so lucky. He ended up sleeping most of the way. Poor guy, but you know, he should have taken something! hehehe – which he admits. How sweet about the “old man” comment. I like old souls and fee like one frequently. Thank you for the nod to American friends. I’ve been so disheartened since November. Which many conservative FB folks like to call, Millennial whining… get over it! Things don’t always go your way! Ugh. They don’t even begin to understand. After a week or so the pit in my stomach lessened. But it’s been back in full-force since inauguration. The marches gave me so much hope too. It was inspiring, It was my first happy day since Inaug. but then conservative FB friends at it again… so KC has taken to taking my phone away in the evenings. It’s really helping actually. Always looking out for me! :) XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. coffeeandcleveland

    I love all your photos. I wish I could take more every day snapshots. I used to all the time but now that I have a DSLR I think too much.

    Don’t mind that person yelling at you. Although, it’s not a good way at all to deal with it it probably happens a lot and he’s just tired of people going in his driveway. On another note, that’s super weird that your host said no contact.

  5. Laura

    that airbnb sounds a bit dodgy! but other than that (and the yelling) all the places look and sound gorgeous. the coast, the beaches, the forests. and it all looks very you in the pictures as well. xx

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