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  1. coffeeandcleveland

    Buffy was also a few years ahead of me growing up so I never got into it. I always watch Netflix and I need a new show to watch so I’ll have to check it out!

  2. simplyalexandra12

    Oh my! What a fun idea! That’s such a blast that you guys decided to do this! :) We enjoyed watching Buffy so much. We have not had a chance to start Angel yet though. Ha I just love these pictures! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. James

    I think this was probably the best day of my life

  4. Laila Woozeer

    This is incredible! I know you are a Buffy fan so this must have just been such a great day for you both xxx

  5. Laura

    ohh godd. i need to go. i now actually have this bookmarked and am definitely using this as a guide at some point in my life. lucky you!

  6. Neia

    Hey Jess!

    Just came across your post ~ amazing photos!

    I, too, am heading to LA in a couple weeks and plan on visiting Torrance High School! Do you suggest I go on a Sunday as well? And can you just walk into the courtyard area freely? I thought it would be closed off, or you’d need to go in through the school itself haha.

    Thanks a ton girl! :)

    ~ Neia

  7. Kelly Elizabeth Palmer

    This is super helpful! My husband and I are going to LA next week for my birthday/Halloween (we are dressing as Spike and Buffy!) so we are definitely planning on stopping by the high school and Buffy’s house at least. Do you think Saturday is an okay day to visit? I’m worried there might be school activities going on…

  8. jlawsonn

    My husband and I are going to California next summer and plan on doing this

  9. Nat

    I’ve been to the Ennis house last october, It’s awsome. We went there after visiting Griffith Observatory, at the end of the day/early evening. I would suggest going when it’s still light out, because it is quite a walk and my friends thought it was a bit creepy in twilight. Love your site!

  10. Aida Bonham

    Hi! My partner and I are going to LA in September and I would LOVE to visit the high school where Buffy was filmed! Please can you email me details of how you got in to have a look around? Do we need to ask anyone for permission or can you just enter the courtyard at the weekend freely? Thanks!!

  11. laura

    hey guys ill be in LA in september and would love some insider info on how to get in and look around, massive fan of buffy!!

  12. Jessie Anderson

    This is the best!!!! Me and hubby are doing this when we visit from Australia!!

  13. Katherine

    Hi Jess – can you email me the info on the school access as well?

  14. Robb

    Great page Jess – I’m travelling over from Australia and will passing through Torrance on a Tuesday or Wednesday so am planning on going to the school after hours – do u have any tips of the best time and ways to get in the school to visit the courtyard (I’d rather not have to jump the fence (but will if I have to:)
    Thanks again for ur great detailed tour!

  15. Alex

    I’m going To California the end of February and would love to visit all the Buffy sites that you went to could you please email me what the best order is to go and visit all of these locations and how long you think it would take to see them is it possible to see them all in one day and is everything pretty close to one another also could you send me some details as well for how you got to look around the high school And any other tips for anything else thank you so much

  16. Charlotte

    i love your photos and infos, it’s really helpful for a good Buffy/Angel tour !
    I’m going to California in just a month and of course i plan to go to Torrance High. I read a lot about how people could or could not get in. It’s totally normal to me that it’s closed to public during school time (school will start like 3 days before we go there), but i would love to have a few photos as you did there. If you have more infos, it would be so great :)

  17. Matt Eden

    God i would kill to go to school at Sunnydale high! Todays kids that go there must take it for granted! And to live in Buffy’s house!!!! Grrrrr arrrggghhh

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