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  1. Amy

    I’m already excited for next year! Definitely start the Spanish lessons and then you can move with me!

  2. simplyalexandra12

    Oh my goodness. This sounds like such a fabulous getaway. What a nice time to spend with friends, and live music is such a treat, even when it’s not your main type of music you listen to! :) Glad you had good weather and yummy ice cream. Have you seen Bridget Jones’s Baby? I was certain it would be dumb, but I loved it, so funny. Anyhow, they do a festival and it was hilarious!! :) Made me think of your “thank god” to no camping. :P I would love to go to Spain one day. :) XO – Alexandra

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  3. Laura

    both barcelona and primavera sound good! i’m moving to portugal in february so might pop into barcelona while i’m near by! and i’ve never been to a “proper” music festival, so i’ll need to do that at some point too before i’m too old to enjoy it at all, haha! xx

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