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  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Oh, how I’d love to be over there right now! It all looks so green and blissfully cool and lovely! Is it just me, or are you relatively close to a lot of varied landscapes, always changing but generally always beautiful countryside?

  2. Cherie

    Wonderful! This sounds so cute, just you and your mum chillin’ out in the country :-) glad you had the time out to replenish… we all need that from the stress of work! I haven’t been anywhere since I returned home (from Asia) but I’m going to a paid for work/graduate induction event on the bank holiday next weekend in the countryside, hopefully it’ll be good!

    Cherie | sinonym

  3. missdsquared413

    A yoga retreat with your mom!?! That is fabulous. ALSO, I AM SO STOKED THAT YOU LIKE THE SAME MUSIC! Marilyn Manson and Slipknot are true artists and you were the first to say that you were into them too. Also, have a fabulous time in California. I hope you get to go to some fun concerts!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  4. Jessi Malay

    What a perfect way to have some great mother daughter time! Great post and I love the photos.

    XO, Jessi

  5. Angelie Pangilinan

    Peak district seems like a wonderful place to relax! :)

    Angelie // Bohol 2016 Travel Diary

  6. simplyalexandra12

    This sounds really wonderful. I love the the look of the place, very peaceful and lovely. A retreat sounds awesome really. I think I would love that and give it a try sometime. I think I would even do well on a weekend without any internet access! I can see that being rejuvenating. Again, I really love sheep. That definitely makes me so sad about the lambs too. I am not a vegetarian, though after living with one for years I do try not to eat a lot of meat, but I make sure never ever to eat lamb or veal. I just can’t handle that at all. Which may sound not great to someone who is a full vegan or veggie. But I do feel better about putting limits on what I will and won’t eat, even if it’s not perfect. It wouldn’t surprise me if I eventually stop eating all meat. But at least for now this has been my start for many years. Anyhow, I’m glad you had a great weekend, and a nice break. I always enjoy more time for reading and rest. :) XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Laura

    i feel like i always say this, but it’s true, so: the photos are beautiful! and it sounds like you had a lovely time:-) i was going to say i’ve not been anywhere this summer, but then remembered i went to lapland and norway which was really great, haha! xx

  8. CurlsnSkirls

    Jess, just sent you an email! xx

  9. ofnorth

    I’ve always wanted to go on a yoga retreat – not a hippie thing at all, unless if I’m a hippie. Costa Rica or Bali or something like that is high on my list, if not financially unattainable. But these rolling hills certainly looking lovely! And oh the sheep!

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