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  1. KerryCan

    Your pondering about drinking made me smile, Jess–I am substantially older than you are and still wondering why, sometimes, I over-do it and feel awful on Saturday morning! I had forgotten that you’re going to California–what a fun time to look forward to!

  2. Cherie

    Always love reading about your life, Jess! (such a creeper) Sounds like your days about Scotland with your new friend sounds lovely – I can totally relate to not making new friends often… it’s hard to find someone you can really talk to and they’re the gems ;-) How exciting that you’re heading to Cali, I’ve never been but everyone loves it… and the amount of vego food there!

  3. CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely to catch up, Jess, as always! Binging can be about many things, and I’m really bad about reading into the wee hours… sigh! Do keep a look out for where the forest fires are along the Coast, as they can disrupt tourist traffic. I remember one attempt to visit Big Sur that got cancelled due to same. Lovely to see the Highlands, which I’ve read about all my life over here (often quite late at night-grin!). xxx

    1. CurlsnSkirls
  4. simplyalexandra12

    Ah, I love your posts. Can I please move to Edinburgh? GORGEOUS! It’s so funny, I definitely feel the same about drinking and staying out – though I have pretty much always felt that way! ha. I’ve always been such a lightweight – and drinking in the states isn’t nearly as “social”. We recently went to Vegas where I had high plans to experience fabulous bars and clubs and have great drinks… but I spent the entire time feeling so terribly dehydrated (while chugging water) that I just didn’t want a bit of alcohol. I’m not meant for the desert, though it can be lovely. I am also not meant for the crowds and sheer amounts of over-indulgence that is the culture in Vegas. I enjoyed the view from the observation wheel at night, a few museums and the lovely shows… but the rest was a little despicable to me if I am being honest. So much waste and excess. :( I tried to take it for what it was, but it wasn’t my thing. I agree also that making new friends as an adult is hard, rare, and a treasure. :) Hooray for you. I love all of these great pictures, especially the birds on the beach. So pretty. I am craving cooler weather and time at home these days! :) XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Laura

    ooh, lovely photos and sounds like you had an amazing july! i don’t think mentioning making a new friend is silly at all – it really can be hard as an adult. and you mentioning being a homebody and being proud of socializing – that sounds very much like me! on top of which i’m very reserved and therefore can be on friendly terms with people for over a year before actually letting them in my life, in which time they often lose interest in actually becoming friends (hahaha that sounds so sad now that i’ve written it down, i’m not really that sad of a loner!). and i feel you on the drinking dilemma as well. at uni there were maybe too many times i’ve overdone it and been at the pub or out too often. as a contrast when i’m living at home, like this year, i live a very wholesome life and haven’t been drinking for over a year. we’ll see what happens now that i’m going back to uni next month, ha! that’s what i’m doing in my life atm; i’ve finished work and am trying to start packing to move to turku to go back to uni:-) xx

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