8 responses to “How To Keep Your Hat On”

  1. Alexandra Consolver

    I think it deserves it’s own post! That’s awesome. Very good to know, I’m often losing my hats ha! We do live on a city on a hill so we’ve got wind as well. All of Kansas really does. Which is why when you road trip west you’ll see all of the wind turbines. Which makes me smile! :) Also, love your look in this post! XO – Alexandra

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  2. Laila

    Jess, you are a genius! That is such a good idea and I’m going to sew combs into all my hats right away. :) xx

  3. Gigi Baja

    Do you add the combs to front & back of the hat? Your picture shows only one comb

  4. Debbie

    Do you put the comb at the back, front or side? And 1 or 2? :)

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