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  1. KerryCan

    That really was a whirlwind trip! You must’ve come home exhausted. I love both places–Galway and Dublin. We were in Dublin a couple years ago for an American football game and we had the most amazing time in, yes, Temple Bar. But Galway and Donegal are the places in Ireland I feel most at home!

  2. Alexandra Consolver

    This sounds so lovely. :) We have been talking about visiting the UK/Great Britain (I always get my maps mixed up on which name means which group of countries… sigh)… someday soon-ish. I would love to go to Ireland. :) It’s so true how humbling it can be to be near nature. We drove (well, rode along) on the PCH in Big Sur in CA. It was so breathtaking. We saw whales from a beach, from a state park, and then from the window as we drove back. Whales are my favorite thing ever, it was magical. :) Also, in Georgia recently we were in the ocean when a huge storm came in. We all ran out of the water just as it was hitting. The sand was intense, we got into the car and began to drive away with all of the other cars when some sort of emergency vessel lit up and made fog horn noises! Which we had no idea what it meant, so we just followed the local cars until the storm passed and we were back in the city. Scary in the moment, but also exhilarating. :) XO – Alexandra

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  3. coffeeandcleveland

    Your pictures are beautiful!

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