8 responses to “Vegan? A roundtable discussion”

  1. Margaret Welsh

    Jess what a good roundtable! Loved reading it – I find that when I have stints of veganism (I’m saving a potential proper transition for when I don’t like with my parents) the hardest things for me are snacks and lazy ready-meal cooking (like tortellini or frozen pizzas) so it was cool hearing you guys talk about it!

    1. Margaret Welsh

      Oh also how do you feel about honey? Because I feel like for me, it’s more important to support (non-mass produced, ethical, etc. etc.) agriculture which supports bee populations than it is to cut out honey completely – especially since I feel like the more I learn about bees, the more I feel like they do operate with a ‘hive mind’ in which each individual bee functions a lot more like a cell than an individual animal.

  2. Bel

    Loved this! It was so interesting to read. I’ve been veggie for about a month now and I’m finding it really easy, but as you pointed out at the start, cheese is the really difficult part for me. And my jaw dropped when I read about the condoms, that’s insane! I absolutely want to transition to a vegan diet and seeing your dedication to it first hand and in your posts is really inspiring and encouraging. I feel a lot more mindful now about where my food comes from, and on a personal level my skin has started to clear up a bit after cutting down on dairy. Anyway I would love to see more posts like this!

  3. carackobama

    This was so interesting to read! I find it so intriguing how divisive veganism is – some people love it and some just don’t get it. I’ve eaten meat for my whole life but am currently considering changing to a vegan diet; I had no idea how good it would make me feel until I tried vegan dishes and alternatives which made me feel amazing! There really is no excuse not to be vegan these days, there are alternatives for just about every animal product and it’s so good for you too xx

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