6 responses to “Cork and Kerry”

  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely, lovely country! So nice to have a good few days to drive round and visit different things, take pictures, and get in some swimming. You’re quite brave to get into those cold waters!

  2. Alexandra Consolver

    Oh what a lovely adventure! I have been itching to hop over the pond more than usual recently. These photos are gorgeous and it sounds like you all got to do a lot of different things. Seeing your friend’s family sounds like a treat and must have made your trip feel like several mini trips! That dog is so sweet! That is one thing I worry about with travel, is seeing the animals who are homeless. It makes me feel so sad and powerless. :( I haven’t swam in the cold see, I just swam in the warm sea for the first time last summer. hehe but I think I can see the fun in it. I love water all of the time. Part mermaid… just been landlocked. :P So excited to see Vol. II! XO – Alexandra

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  3. Laura

    sounds like such a lovely holiday! and the photos are beautiful! xx

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