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  1. Cherie

    Ugh Jess you are so cool I kind of hate you (but not really cause I think you’re super cool and super pretty and I stared at you and Holly during lunch A LOT totally not weird eh) and I’m so glad we talked – even though Vicky and I had to rush off in the end! Please come visit more often, would be so cool to hang out altogether again :-D also loved reading your Pergola and Hill outfit post, how dreamy~ I’ve been wanting to go for ages too but still haven’t had a chance…

  2. Alexandra Consolver

    Oh so fun! None of my IRL friends blog (at least about lifestyle type stuff) either. I have met up with two bloggers on my travels now, both times were really nice. I would love to find more bloggers in my area though! :) This looks like a blast and the food sounds delicious! :) Hope you guys don’t have to do long distance too much longer! :) XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. carackobama

    Ah this looked like such fun and SO many of my faves were there omg! Dying to go to the next one <3

  4. missdsquared413

    That colorful checkered blouse is fabulous! So much fun.

    Dakota D.

  5. Laura

    ahh, this sounds and looks so so lovely! xx

  6. Laila

    Oh poor James!!! At least you’ll have most of the summer together without us lot draining your time haha. It was so lovely to see you Jess, and you’ve got a lot better photos than I have :S xxx

  7. Kati

    Look at you lovely ladies! Wish I could have been there…


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