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  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Outfit looks great & the scenery’s spectacular! Thanks for all the piccies ~

  2. simplyalexandra12

    How lovely to have a green spot in the city. I love places like that. Little pockets of nature in the cities. :) WE are lucky to live in a very green place, not a big city at all really… and so we have a lot of beautiful trees and plants. I like your optimism about nature prevailing. Sometimes it looks very very bleak. I know little good bits happen, and big ones too. But we humans are such consumers and wasteful too. It’s hard to be chipper sometimes… .BUT I love this outlook. I’ll now channel it when I’m feeling “grim about the mouth”. I love this dress too. It seems like it would be lovely year-round. :) XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Bel

    Jess these photos are beautiful as always, you’ve certainly trained James up to be a natural (assuming he took these)! I’m so glad you showed me this place I was just thinking about that tunnel the other and how insane and affecting it was. I really hope your eczema gets a bit better too that must be so irritating! xxx

  4. mindoftwo

    Your site is awesome! Love your style :)


    Wow, you are such a beauty!
    Your look is dope! Love your pretty skirt! :)

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  6. Laura

    i’ve hardly explored holyrood park at all, and it does seem awesome! these are some lovely shots, and i’m definitely planning a blackberry picking trip, ha! also, i’m loving your coat! clothes inherited from grandmas are the best:-) xxx

  7. Bad Taste Toast

    Wow, such beautiful photos! I love your outfit and the lovely backdrop! You remind me a bit of Effy from Kids in the pics! :)

    Bad Taste Toast – My Life and Style in Düsseldorf

  8. Laila

    You look super beautiful Jess!!! I love and miss Edinburgh. Cannot WAIT to be there soon xx

  9. Kati

    Ah, in love with your hat and that fun skirt. Amd what a beautiful scenery!


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