8 responses to “February In Review”

  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely review of your month, friends, and glorious scenery around your home.
    Am so glad you’re able to enjoy it all, and grateful to know your dad’s okay!

  2. KerryCan

    Sounds like the month turned out well, in spite of some bumps in the road! The main thing is that you could be there for your family and that your dad is going to be okay!

  3. tapeparade

    All these pics of you and Bel just put a giant smile on my face :) I want to come visit you soon, also there’s somebody you need to meet (he’s vegan too – win win win) xxx

  4. simplyalexandra12

    So much travel, so very very fun! How gorgeous it is over there. Always a wee bit envious of you guys across the pond and the access you have to such stunning places!! :) It’s always so lovely to visit friends who live elsewhere, and have them visit us. It’s one of my favorite things, so glad you were able to see friends in Feb as well. We met a blogger in Texas during a road trip we’d done. She was the sweetest, even let us stay with her! Visiting some Brazilian friends in San Francisco in April. Very excited. XO – Alexandra


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