7 responses to “6 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues”

  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Great advice, Jess – thank you! xx

  2. KerryCan

    I really enjoyed this post, Jess! It’s good advice but the post is also fun! I love the advice about being positive about “koeselig” and I agree about getting outside. I use that phrase “blowing away the cobwebs” all the time!

  3. marieken

    What a wonderful post, it’s right up my alley, since I hate winter. Short and cold days are really something I don’t like. We have a similar word for koeselig in Dutch: gezellig! And what a marvelous idea to make a list of winter activities that are enjoyable. Looking at it like that, makes the cold dark months much more bearable.

  4. simplyalexandra12

    This is a fantastic list. I need to be better about taking walks during the work day, even when it’s cold. We work on a campus on a hill. So it’s incredibly windy… but the walks always do me good! I would love to get a sunlight lamp for home. I agree though, focusing on the things of a season that make it fun helps it to feel shorter. Relishing in warm drinks, cozy movie nights, etc. can be great fun. XO – Alexandra

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