3 responses to “DIY Gold Feather Flower Arrangement”

  1. KerryCan

    Funny–I JUST read a blog post from a woman whose chickens are molting and she is overrun with feathers! I like your idea a lot–I’m the same about flowers–buying them just to watch them wilt seems wasteful and a little depressing. But gold paint, glitter, and candlelight? Yes!

  2. Bad Taste Toast

    Wow these gold-dipped feathers look so pretty! What a good idea! I need to try this when I move into my new place next month! :)

    Bad Taste Toast – A German/Australian Style Blog

  3. Laila

    I was running a company a few years back making feathered headdresses using only cruelty free feathers! I sourced the feathers myself but the time it took to clean them all was crazy so I gave up. I still own a lot of the pieces… should sell them off really! These are really lovely decorations, also, where is that amazing globe from? Is that a charity shop find?! Good work!! xx

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