3 responses to “July and August in Review”

  1. Gemma

    Lovely post!!

    Gorgeous photographs. It seems you had a grand old time!


  2. Belphoebe

    I’m so glad to see you went to Oxford! Those are some gorgeous pictures too, I’ve never actually been punting and this makes me really want to go! I hope you had fun in Berlin, I went earlier this year and it was awesome, looking forward to taking some amazing blog photos in Russia! :) xx

  3. tapeparade

    wonderful pictures Jess! Well done and congratulations on getting your thesis in :) it was so brilliant to get to hang out in Edinburgh and to see your gorgeous flat, wish we were that bit closer together and could hang out even more regularly :)

    Also, I love what you say at the beginning. I always feel the need to acknowledge when I’ve taken a blogging break (and there have been many) but you’re right, as a hobby we should’t feel pressure to stick to a schedule and it is so important that the line between “good blog” and “monetised blog” get blurred. Which they often, often do…

    Also what, can’t BELIEVE I missed The Room: The Musical, I love the film so much. Maybe it will come back next year…?!

    Lastly – James shirt in that punting photo is unbelievably awesome xx

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