6 responses to “Blogger Favourites: Tape Parade”

  1. Caitlin

    Awww my favorite online ladies!! This post makes my heart happy. Thanks for sharing, and consider me a dedicated fan from across the pond.

  2. Bel

    Love this! Such great questions too, I feel like I’ve learnt even more about this very special lady. Laila if you’re reading this you are so ridiculously beautiful in these pictures! It’s been so awesome to meet both of you through blogging!

  3. christina

    Fab interview, she’s one talented lady that’s for sure!

  4. jennie

    Laila is so wonderful, she has this aura about her that’s so inspiring! <3 xo

  5. Gemma

    Heck. Yes.

    Nothing better than getting a further insight into someone’s life, especially someone who inspires. Great post Jess and great answers Laila : )


  6. Joanna

    Just love this! Yay Laila and my fav outfit is you with the red skirt so beautiful! ❤️

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