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  1. buttonsandbirdcages

    Love this, I saw some photos a few days ago and they really are incredible. I don’t know as much about climate change as I should (though I did take an environmental health class which I LOVED during my MPH program). Thanks for sharing this, definitely do share more info. about the march in December!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. CurlsnSkirls

    Realized yesterday I’ve shopped consignment/vintage for decades, as well as avoided RTW clothing, and supported mass transit rather than one person-one car. That’s something anyone can do. But I also look at my utility companies’ on-line customer contracts for “non-peak usage” or an equivalent. Not only does one save a bit of dosh if laundry’s done off-peak, but it makes (this) one stop and think before just throwing in a not-really-soiled garment. Sorry to say it, but the U.S. is so energy-wasting. However, many of us are doing what we can. Looking forward to hearing more about your studies in this relatively new field!
    del xx

  3. margalarg

    Hey Jess – I went on the London version! I remember thinking the same thing as you though – that there was no one cohesive demands except ‘stop climate change’, which made it hard for it to feel like it had a real sense of purpose. (I was thinking about writing something about this actually…) I think the most helpful approach would have been a demand for serious investment in renewables and a cohesive plan for the UK to run on renewable energy, combined with a promise of developed countries paying developing countries to develop in a green way.

  4. KerryCan

    Don’t apologize for these thoughtful posts that show what you’re thinking about! This is such an important topic and it’s fascinating to see the “deeper” Jess!

  5. marieken

    How awesome of you to participate! I love the sign saying ‘a planet without ice, is like a curry without spice’. I’ve heard on the news that we are having new windparks build in sea. Such in important topic, and I think it’s wonderful that you think about it, and share it here on the blog.

  6. Isabella

    So cool to see that you participated in Edinburgh, and that you guys had such an amazing turnout! I couldn’t go to the NYC march because I was sick, but my mom and several of my friends marched, and I’m really proud. I absolutely agree with you that social justice and environmental justice go hand in hand. I often feel overwhelmingly sad, scared, and frustrated by people in power who deny climate change, the continued destruction, and the lack of positive action, but the People’s Climate March and other excellent activism give me hope.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and words here, absolutely no apologies necessary!


  7. Carly @ Zauberbear

    It amazes me how such big things like this can happen and I don’t even know about it! It makes me so happy to hear about this march, though. Sometimes I worry the fight to protect the environment has faded out a bit, but then bangs like this sound off!

  8. tapeparade

    Just read this, exhausted, on tour, catching up with blogs from months ago, so glad you went, so heartened by your thoughtful words, love love love this post and can’t wait to see you on sunday xxxxxxx

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