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  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Yeah for Dad, eh, Jess!
    Lovely collaboration on design & finishing of an oh-so-practical piece.
    And what a delightful change in your before & after photos.
    Know you’ll enjoy your corner even more, now that it’s sorted so beautifully!
    xx del

    1. jessthetics

      Dads do come in very handy sometimes! Thank you, I know I’ll definitely get more use out of my supplies now :)

  2. KerryCan

    How lucky for you, to have a handy dad! The shelves look great and what a difference they make in your space!

    1. jessthetics

      I’m so lucky! He helped me with a lot of my more engineering based art projects too, so it was fun to work with him again.

  3. Alexandra C.

    How awesomely handy is your dad?!? :) That’s so great, it seems to fit the space and your current needs very well! I am also a pretty big crafter and sometimes possible-crafts-supplies hoarder… so I know the storage struggle! In our current apartment it was chaos… until I sorted all of it again on a month off of work. I sorted it all in to under the bed plastic tubs and it is SO much more organized! I can find things now! In my desk I’ve set aside a few drawers for the more frequently used items/stationary related items like stamps, washi tape and glitter. Another for current small projects that I can keep out.. but still put away! This looks like it is really working for you! Awesome. :) :) XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. jessthetics

      He’s so awesome! It sounds like all your organisation has really payed off – it’s awful knowing you have all these lovely supplies but not being able to see them or get at them!

  4. tapeparade

    Look brilliant Jess! My main issue with storing my stuff at my parents is the amount of sheet music I have – just acres of print out sheets and music books. I need to spend a couple days sorting through everyhting and putting it on a bookshelf or something really! I think the tea and take-away boxes look really cool; much better than buying boxes anyway :) XXX

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