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  1. CharloJiho Art Blog

    Nice place !

  2. Alexandra C.


    This canal is so lovely! I wish I was there! Your waist coat is so bohemian.. love it. That’s such a good point about the messages that magazines send. I have sort of a magazine addiction I think… but I have been trying to do better at previewing them… because oftentimes I am just not interested in all of the ‘trends’ and the ads that take up the space. I try to choose a more eclectic blend… like flea market style, faerie magazine and natural health. I do get fashion magazines too, but I am trying to be more choosy. :) It’s not healthy to see so much consumerism you are absolutely right. + it is refreshing to read this take on blogging… because sometimes I feel like the most successful bloggers or many* that I end up reading all sort of fit the same mold.. I want to feel like I am reading about someone authentic though! :)



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  3. tapeparade

    Gorgeous area Jess and you look so great! Definitely 5th member of The Beatles. I 100% agree with what you’re saying… I’ve basically stopped doing outfit posts for other reasons but I do agree there is a weird pressure to constantly feature new clothes. I always appreciate blogs who re-wear clothes and present a more realistic depiction of their wardrobe! It’s very difficult to have a constantly new wardrobe xx


  4. CurlsnSkirls

    Dear Jess, your post reminded me of several articles I wanted to look up and share with you (below). I’ve been concerned for some time about sewing bloggers’ emphasis on always creating something new, with new fabric & pattern. Frankly, I assumed that once I had a year’s worth of clothing, I’d knock off doing much blogging, or shift to a different slant. (Am still thinking about this one!)

    All the articles came from reading Lizzie’s blog, http://thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com/. And there are plenty more in similar veins, and many other areas. Perhaps you & your readers might take a look and find something(s) to enjoy & enliven your interests!

    xx del


  5. Kati

    It does look very autumnal already but this is what makes the pictures so perfect! That waistcoat is a lovely find, I should definitely visit more car boot sales!


  6. Hayley-Eszti

    Your outfit is perfect and the canal looks stunning!



  7. Safiya

    I swear I have the exact same waistcoat in black. I picked it up in a charity shop and fell in love but just never knew how to style it so thanks for the inspiration. Also, I couldn’t agree with you more, who on earth has the money to buy a new wardrobe every time a new trend crops up?! I’ve only just started blogging again but I am not shy to post the same item of clothing numerous times. Thats how wardrobes work, you mix and match everything. I’d love to read a post about your thoughts on it cos I think with the new age of blogging and gifted items ect we’re in danger of becoming like magazines ourselves!

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