6 responses to “Sunshine and Poppy Print”

  1. Gemma Roberts

    Dude!! These are GORGEOUS!

    Your shop is looking seriously epic Jess, and it’s such a brilliant idea for you to wear some of those beauties in your posts, as it gives a fab look at how to style them, and just how well they fit and how good they look on.

    Can’t wait to see even more creations!!!



  2. Safiya

    Ooh that twosie has got me swooning, i love it. I remember when I went to Edinburgh in April and it was so windy and cold compared to the sunshine that I left down south – definite shock to the system haha. Take lots of jumpers and coats.


  3. Isabella

    Beautiful! That print absolutely evokes Grecian summer, and the cut is just lovely. I’ve never heard the term “twosie” before, but it’s going to replace “matching set” in my vocabulary from now on :)


  4. KerryCan

    You’ll need to re-visit these Corfu photos to counteract the Edinburgh chill, I think! Oh, well, I’m sure you have very cute cold-weather clothes, too!

  5. rosebudannie

    Hey Jess! Looking lovely! I like the floral print, lovely for summer. Haha Twosie is a new term for me too! Going to try use it over the weekend xxxxx

  6. tapeparade

    Stunning colours!!! These look like a magazine editorial Jess!! XXX

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