10 responses to “Beach Rainbow”

  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Love the colour combo, Jess! Is that crochet pattern available anywhere?

  2. Issy

    My family and I went to Womad at the weekend with a little one year old and she wore a crochet belly top so similar to this one! It was her party outfit. I was going to tell you about it, and then you posted this! I would looove a crochet belly top xx

  3. Kati

    What a fun top! And I love that pleated skirt, it looks perfect on you..

    Those photos make me want to go on a plane and go somewhere!


  4. KerryCan

    What a perfect location for taking pictures of those bright colored clothes! You’ll need to go back!

  5. tapeparade

    That top is so beautiful Jess, I am in awe at your amazing skills! Gorgeous photos. I much prefer rocky coves as well :) xx

  6. Candy Pop

    I love Greece, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  7. Katie

    yay you look amazing. i love every little piece of this <3

  8. mariannadeluca93
  9. Latitude of style

    Very very chic and beautiful outfit. I absolutely love everything on you. I hope i can try out more colors in this summer. :-D

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