8 responses to “Kassiopi, Corfu”

  1. KerryCan

    This looks amazing! Your photos really show how beautiful and special this place is. I haven’t been to Greece but, after seeing these photos, I’d love to jump on a plane, too, and go right now!

  2. Marieken

    Looks like a piece of heaven. No apologies needed for these gorgeous shots (keep them coming!) makes me feel like I’m on a mini break sitting behind my computer. Never had kumquat icecream, I even think I’ve never seen it over here.

  3. Amy

    You’ve really got very good at taking photos Jess. Corfu looks amazing.

  4. tapeparade

    It looks beautiful! I love these photos Jess. I always take so many photos as well, literally editing the America ones is crazy I swear people must just be so bored of photos haha. So glad you had a good holiday :) XX

  5. rosebudannie

    Hey Jess, your holiday photos are stunning! Love love love going on a hot holiday! I’ve never been to Corfu but now on my radar :) Hope your post holiday blues have sailed by! Always so hard to adjust coming home! xxxxx

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