8 responses to “Tie Dye in Edinburgh”

  1. marlenameow

    How cute! I love that you still have clothes from when you were so young, I wish I did! I still dream about this amazing elephant sweater I had in elementary school…..

  2. tapeparade

    Jess you look awesome! I still have clothes from when I was young but no way do they fit me. Although I’ve been the same size since I was 16 so have a lot of clothes from then :) xx

  3. Imogen

    Amazing outfit, love this. There is so much character in these pictures.

  4. Bad Taste Toast

    Woow you will live in Edinburgh, I’m so jealous! It’s on top of my bucket list, it must be so beautiful there! :)
    Love your outfit too, indeed a good mix of witchy with the cape and hippie girly girl with the crop top! Really cool shoes too!

  5. KerryCan

    Fun idea to use Edinburgh as the background here! I can tell you’re excited about this next stage–you’ll hve so much to blog about!

  6. Candy Pop

    How wonderful to be moving to Edinburgh, good luck with your Masters!

  7. Bel

    Jess I’m so thrilled for you! Edinburgh is such an amazing city and I’m sure you’ll have the best time! You also look downright amazing here! I don’t know many people who can rock those glasses but I think you’ve done it! I also love your skirt, in fact the whole outfit is perfect! Good luck with finding a place to live :D xx

  8. Noe

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