3 responses to “Blogger Favourites: Miss JoJangles”

  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Jess, these days we have second, third, fourth, etc., careers – the world changes so fast! Please don’t feel discouraged. Your next road will unfold. Don’t worry about those curves.
    Thanks for the interview – lovely!
    del xx

  2. KerryCan

    Nice interview–you and Jojo certainly have a lot in common, it seems!

  3. Gemma Roberts

    Ahh Jess, fantastic interview with another of my favourite bloggers!! Jojo fires my need for creating, with each post, and offers up a variety of crafts to try with a generous sprinkling of cuteness!

    Ladies, as an older broad, I think you’re both absolutely fine with not having ‘life’ figured out. I would shake the hand of any one person that seriously knows what they want in detail. To be honest, life doesn’t play by the rules and I’m sure the minute we think we have a plan, things turn upside down, that’s just the way it goes! I think you’re both right with taking your own time, don’t race through life comparing yourself to other people of a similar age. Do you own thing, your own way at your own pace. And even if we NEVER figure things out, as long as we make the most of every opportunity that pops up, learn as much as we can from every situation and enjoy ourselves… Isn’t that the point? : )


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