5 responses to “A Creative Kind of Blog Hop”

  1. Gemma

    Look at this gorgeous new design!! Blogs looking gooooood!!

    I love to hear about people’s creative processes and the thoughts that go into all those ideas! Really interesting to see why you do what you do : )

    On my way to have a nose at your etsy store, curiosity always gets the better of me!!


  2. KerryCan

    This is very interesting, Jess! I really enjoyed the peek into your creative thinking and philosophy. And, yes, your new blog design is great!

  3. Marisa Noelle

    I totally agree that nothing can be too colorful! I love seeing your creative process. I’ve had a couple pieces laying around that I’ve wanted to upcycle and you just gave me the bit of inspiration that I needed to get on the move with it :-)

  4. tapeparade

    Thank you so much for linking me to this Jess!! I’m very proud you think my little blog is worthy :) I loved reading this! Your shop looks so lush! XXX

  5. rosebudannie

    Hey jess, aw thanks for sharing never heard of blog hop before. Lovely to hear about your creative processes, im going to pop over to katie and laila blogs too. is that a kimino you have made in the picture above its stunning!xxxx

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