20 responses to “The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich”

  1. lisa

    This sounds SO good! I love all of these ingredients but never thought of pairing some of them together like avocado and olives! Love your outdoor food spread!

  2. tapeparade

    Mmmmm that sounds really good :) I put chopped jalapeños and one tomato in my guacamole when I make it also if you’re looking for alternatives :) xxx

  3. simplydelish

    Wow this looks amazing, love the whole setup of it all!

  4. Kati

    Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    This looks so bloomin’ delicious!

    Have a great week,

  5. Candy Pop

    Looks amazing, bring on the summer picnics!

  6. marieken

    You’re making me hungry! I love avocado’s too. And that cross stitched table cloth looks great :-)

  7. alifemoment

    I love this post, great colourful and yummy food, love it !!! :)

  8. KerryCan

    I’m kind of hung up on the tablecloth, too! Really pretty photos of everything.

  9. Bad Taste Toast

    Yum yum YUUUM! I just had crepes with spinach and brie but now your sandwich makes me hungry again :p It sounds and looks soo good!

  10. rebeccaellul

    Amazing! Yumtown

  11. mariannadeluca93
  12. Marisa Noelle

    Ooh I’ve never tried avocado and olives together. That sounds like an amazing combo. Looks delicious! I put hot sauce on everything too :)

  13. Lady parisienne

    I wanna eat it all!

  14. Fashion Galleria

    I never bored having vegetarian foods. I love healthy foods and i love so much sandwich. And i would like to try your recipe too. It looks very delicious. :-D

  15. Chiaki L'Argent

    It looks super yummy! I love avocados as well. :D xx

  16. buttonsandbirdcages

    Um, this looks amazing. I’m trying to get paul to eat more vegetarian meals but he’s skeptical, maybe I’ll show him this sandwich
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  17. Stella

    Great food! So deliciously!


  18. wilma

    I would like one of those, and I like your plates!

  19. mariannadeluca93
  20. elmundooo

    The Pictures are so great and it looks very yummy :)

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