6 responses to “The Peak District”

  1. Caitlin

    Ughghghgh this is so gorgeous!!! It inspires me to go around locally and find little hidden gems like this near Austin for mini-holidays.

  2. Fashion Galleria

    OMG! What a beautiful green and clean place. Looking your photos makes me feel so fresh.

  3. marieken

    What a gorgeous place, looks like it was a good weekend. Thanks for letting me tag along to Castleton :-)

  4. bobbyelhans

    Beautiful and serene. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  5. hanalei ho gene

    how fun! You live in a beautiful country. I’m hoping to travel to England, Norway, and Scotland this summer, and this is making me REALLY hope I can make it happen! XO

  6. Mr. Wapojif

    One lives in Manchester so the glovely Peak District is always a place to frolic around. When it’s not raining, of course. When it rains I stay in and comb my hair.

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