7 responses to “May In Review”

  1. tapeparade

    Jess this all looks like so much fun! I love reading your month round-ups, I think I might try one for this month and see how it goes. Is it bad that I’ve never watched an episode of Buffy…..? xx

  2. KerryCan

    Another big month! Just getting the Etsy shop open was a big accomplishment so it’s great you’ve managed to do so much more.

  3. lisa

    Traveling is the best- no wonder you’re looking forward to June! Looks like May was a good month, recaps are such a good way to see all the things you’ve done/accomplished over a month!

  4. Bad Taste Toast

    Wow the castles and the landscape look fantastic! I’m a city girl but I’m a bit jealous of people who live near such beautiful rural places! :)

  5. Marisa Noelle

    Oh that’s awesome that you have an Etsy shop now! I wish I could be disciplined and sew like that. And those castles are just so stunning! I wish I had places to explore like that where I live.

  6. marieken

    Looks like a good month! Boo, for the final season of Buffy. I wish there were more, but I think they ended it at a good time. I hate it when shows stay on too long and turn bad.

  7. Fashion Galleria

    That ‘s such a great month! There are so many good things come to you. Love those beautiful places they look so fresh and peaceful.

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