11 responses to “Vegan Black Forest Cupcakes”

  1. Tori

    There’s absolutely no way I’d have your patience for such a recipe, so I definitely admire you for producing such gorgeous looking cakes!!

  2. KerryCan

    I think I WILL come for tea! Those look great–I’m not vegan but my niece is so I’ll keep track of this to try with her.

  3. marieken

    They look stunning! The other recipes sounds very promising, I’m looking forward to see more baking experiments. Oh, and I love the design of the flour packaging :-)

  4. Kati

    Wowzers!! These look amazing, I’ll need to find an occasion to make these! :-)


  5. tapeparade

    These look delicious Jess! I want to try some! XX

  6. Aimee

    These look great! And I love your pictures! =)

  7. Chiaki L'Argent

    They look absolutely amazing! Yum! :D xx

  8. Nol

    Oooh! So nice! I just made a cake adapted from the dough recipe (with almonds instead of cherries and icing, I don’t like fruits in cakes ^_^) it tastes sooo good, such a strong cacao taste, yum! :D

  9. Bad Taste Toast

    Yummyyyyy these look and sound amazing <3 I haven't baked in a while, I should try these and bake more again :)

  10. Emma

    That is so sweet that your team make you something vegan so you aren’t left out. My best friend is vegan, and some of the vegan cakes we have made are amazing and just as good as the dairy egg versions (if not better!). I hope your team enjoyed these.

    Emma x

  11. Caitlin

    I have and love this book!!! I haven’t made a lot of time for baking recently, but I even just look to crack the book open and admire (/drool over) the pictures. Now that I see how scrumptious yours look, I may just have to do a copycat!!

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