6 responses to “Photography with Joe”

  1. marieken

    I love that sixth photo, the shadow on your arms and face add a bit of mystery.

  2. tapeparade

    That’s crazy you look so different!!!! Gorgeous photos Jess. I definitely thought you had a DSLR already? and I’ve seen your camera?!? I’m insane. P.S. FOUND THE ROXY PHOTOS!!!! Stay tuned!! Xx

  3. milex


  4. KerryCan

    I can’t do a cartwheel with or without high heels so I think you are forgiven for posting the photos–fun! I wouldn’t have recognized that last glamour shot as even being you–I like your current look much better!

  5. hanalei

    how pretty!! minus the eyeliner, you haven’t aged a day, btw :) I love your unique style, pls don’t ever change!

  6. Nol

    These photos are beautiful, they have a super smooth texture! I love the last one, you look so bad-ass!! It’s like a different Jess, you have more of a sweet aura now (but I guess the bad-ass style also comes from the photo itself?) And you had awesome hair too! ^_^ xx

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