11 responses to “People Tree”

  1. Manhattan Image and Style

    You look stunning sweetie! I love your pants!

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  2. KerryCan

    I like the setting for your photos–the old bricks and stones contrast in interesting ways with your very colorful and modern clothes! The clutch purse is very pretty–I like the size of it–so practical but still cute!

  3. Bad Taste Toast

    Aw such a fun colourful floral print! the combo of the pants and shoes make you look like a flower child :) Love it!

  4. Chelsea

    Jess these are great!!!! I love these shoes they are so perfect. Also I have some round orange sunnies so we can match!

  5. Marieken

    I wish I was brave enough to wear those pretty patterns and bold colours, your trousers are awesome! And I love that your clutch is made out of a sari.

  6. donciababe

    o wow. Trousers are just amazing!:)

  7. Wilma

    I love your bright purple shoes!

  8. C J Connolly1991

    WOW I feel like there’s a hole in my life that can only be filled by those groovy trousers :)

  9. Imogen

    I love the print of the pants, it is so beautiful.

  10. Aimee

    I love those trousers! They’re awesome, great for spring and summer! =)

  11. vanessa

    where do you find these clothes with all the amazing patterns on them?!

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