8 responses to “Birthday Wishlist”

  1. Lisa Lo Paro

    Ohhh my god those platforms! Want

  2. Miche (@JustLikeMiche)

    I’m totally digging those bell bottom pants! I got a pair for my birthday and have basically been wearing them nonstop lol. Happy Early birthday, hope you get all the things on your wishlist :)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. @chelseabirkby

    This is the most colourful rainbow of a wishlist I have ever seen, it’s amazing. Those heels are incredible, sort of Meadham Kirchoff esque. All of those clothes would look perfect on you. I hope you get spoiled for your b.day! (there’ll be a liddle sumjthing sumthin in the post from me, I’ll send it as soon as it arrives in Hes East/Siberia…) xxxx

  4. Marisa Noelle

    So many pretty things here! I am swooning over those platforms, that’s for certain :-) Happy early bday!!

  5. KerryCan

    All of these items look like you! Your style is pretty well-defined, isn’t it? And the books–now that’s what most interests me!

  6. tapeparade

    Woah those sequinned items all look amazing. I’ve never even heard of that company before but I love it, that looks fantastic!!!! :) Well into it xXX

  7. marieken

    The great British seweing bee? That sounds awesome! Going to be doing some research on that. You’ve put together a great list.

  8. Emma

    Those shoes are in my wishlist too! Can’t turn down a pom pom shoe!! I hope you get some of these pretty things for your birthday!

    Emma xx

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