6 responses to “No elephants were harmed in the making of this blog post”

  1. Nol

    These shoes are so cool!! I usually feel so unstable and incapacitated on heels that high, how do you do it?! ^_^ Love the outfit, this dress looks gorgeous on you! And I’m super happy about the countryside pictures being back – even though it means you’re away from your lover again :S you seem to be enjoying life a lot lately, your posts exude happiness :D

  2. KerryCan

    You look like you’re having lots of fun! That’s a very snazzy outfit–you’ll get noticed whenever you wear it, for sure!

  3. marmargerbil

    Making that open back is genius! Looking so lovely

  4. Rebecca

    Completely gorgeous!

  5. marieken

    Fun outfit, and those shoes look fabolous on you! I wish I could manage to walk in heels.

  6. tapeparade

    Ahhh so glad you made it work! It looks stunning on you! It was too big for me so I knew it would be big but I thought you’d come up with something ingenious and you so have. I can’t believe how perfectly those shoes match!! What a lovely backdrop, hope you are enjoying back in Leicester :) I’m going to e-mail you soon about Russia!! XXX

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