7 responses to “Dundee and Holy Island”

  1. BeingZhenya

    Looks like such a fun place to visit! Thank you for sharing! I love that last photo of you!

  2. CurlsnSkirls

    Lovely – thanks sew (can’t help meself) much for taking us along with you!

  3. Steffi Santa

    Those castles are so pretty!! I wanna go there too and take shots!! :D

  4. KerryCan

    Your photos make me want to go back to Scotland! I love the ruins of the abbey–great pictures!

  5. Candy Pop

    It looks lovely, glad you had a good time! The blue sky looks fab!

  6. Kati

    The third picture looks almost surreal! Beautiful.

    Have a fantastic day,

  7. marieken

    The ruins and the castle look amazing! I think I’ve never ever been in a castle. Must be fun not to see one in a Disney movie, but in real life :-)

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