12 responses to “Crochet Socks”

  1. marieken

    Liked you page, and those socks looks very comfy!

  2. Gemma Roberts

    How cool are these!?! Great job, these are lovely, and such a great gift idea : )

  3. KerryCan

    Those are very snazzy–they look perfect for around the house!

  4. milex

    Oh love!

  5. Miche (@JustLikeMiche)

    Uh well, you’re amazing! Those socks are awesome, I’m totally terrified to try crocheting, maybe one day..
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  6. lisa

    These turned out great! They look so comfy and these pics are cute :) I thought about knitting socks awhile back until I realized how long it would take so I definitely realize what went into this project!

  7. Steffi Santa

    They’re cute! Can’t wait to see another knits you make ;)


  8. Kati

    Oh my God, you did such an amazing job with these!!

    Have a nice evening,

  9. Jennie May

    They look so so cosy <3 xo

  10. Chiaki L'Argent

    Oh they’re lovely! I might have to crochet a pair of socks now. xx

  11. Emma

    That is so cute! What a lucky boy. I think they look amazing, I can’t believe you taught yourself from a youtube video?!

    Emma x

  12. Candy Pop

    Well done you!

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