14 responses to “What I Wore: Stripey Trousers”

  1. tapeparade

    Once again you are completely owning the off-duty seventies look – so glam! Love those trousers :) XX

  2. marieken

    I hate it when things get ruined in the washing machine! Hope this one will not be a victim :-)

  3. Bad Taste Toast

    You have such a lovely smile! :)
    These pants look really chi and I like the necklace a lot, such a cool eyecatcher!!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Steffi Santa

    Loove this tailored pants plus oversized coat combo!! You look like an 80s babe ;)

  5. .MIS. Manhattan Image & Style

    I love how they look on you! You look very chic as always! :)

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  6. lisa

    I love these pants!!! What a great look! I wish I could hit up the shops in Paris :)

  7. Cissy

    You are so super stylish! Love the perfect look

    xx Cissy

  8. Alex

    Comfy trousers are the best kind of trousers… especially when you can sleep in them ;)

  9. Chelsea

    Jess those boots are so nice! Really make the outfit. Love the mac too, is it new?

    1. jessthetics

      Thanks Chels! I actually found it in my attic, I think it’s probably my mums haha

  10. Hadrien
  11. Kati

    I think these trousers are rad – so cool with the coat, too!

    Have the best week ever,

  12. sophie

    Hey Jess, the outfit is soo awesome! Im so in love with the boots!
    BTW, I nominated you for a liebster award!

    1. jessthetics

      Thanks Sophie, you’re such a sweetheart!

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