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  1. CurlsnSkirls

    Jess, what sort of camera are you using? If it’s adjustable, locate the ISO, which originally had to do with the speed of the film. Know you’re not using film, but don’t remember enough of the techy stuff to explain. Anyway, find that ISO and use the highest number available. On my little Canon it’s 1600. Using that speed enables me to take quite good piccies in candlelight, as in a previous post a couple weeks ago. Good luck!

    1. jessthetics

      Thanks Del! I actually can’t adjust the ISO on my camera cause I don’t have a SLR, but thank you! I’m thinking of investing in one, I’ve found some cheap ones on ebay x

      1. CurlsnSkirls

        Good luck! Only other thing comes to mind is keep a very steady hand when taking photos indoors or low light… maybe use a tripod. Or lean on a table. Good luck & do check out camera deals! del

  2. tapeparade

    I take probably about half my photos without natural light haha! I either have the main lights off and just use flash or normally have the lights on, no flash, turn the ISO up (let’s in the most light) and just enhance the brightness when editing – if the photos are stored as RAW you can enhance the light quite significantly. What camera/editing software do you have?

    This dress is amazing (can’t imagine it without a tutu it looks great like that) and love the blue lipstick! I don’t think I could ever try lipstick that was blue so mega- kudos to you. XXX

  3. Liana Moisescu

    Oh wow, you look amazing Jess! ♥ Love what you wore for the Nutcracker, the dress is amazing, brilliant adding a tutu skirt underneath! Just perfect!!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  4. marieken

    It has been ages since I’ve last been to a ballet. I would love to see the Nutcracker. And I love your LBD too!

  5. Candy Pop

    I hope you had a wonderful time. I love your boots!

  6. Caitlin Wittlif

    That dress is fabulous! I love how you layered the tutu under it – so perfect for a ballet:)

  7. lmariestyle

    love the nutcracker AND this whole look!

  8. Fashion Galleria

    I absolutely love this look. I love the coat. I love the dress. I love the shoes and the scarf. I love everything about this look. Perfect.

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