9 responses to “What I Wore: Disco In The Daytime”

  1. BeingZhenya

    D-I-S-C-O :) Love the look!

  2. marieken

    Fab look! I don’t get the crop top thing either. I am inside, with the heating on, under a fleece blanket, with a hot water bottle! No crop tops here.

  3. Fashion Galleria

    The disco pants are what i really would love to try but i still afraid they will go well on me. You made the look with the disco pants so perfect. I can say that i really love this look. You look very cool and chic.

  4. Caitlin Wittlif

    I’m just about done and ready for Christmas this week, thank goodness! It’s on-and-off cold here in Texas, but this past week it was actually *warm* for about 3 days!! I think the highs were in the 70s (in Fahrenheit).

  5. Kati

    You totally rock those disco pants! Love the wide tops with it!

    Have a fantastic Christmas time,

  6. Blythe

    Oh Buffy is such a good show. Your outfit is very lovely and I love the last picture, so pretty. :)

  7. Candy Pop

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  8. tapeparade

    Jess you look SOOOOOO amazing in these disco pants. I’ve actually never plucked up the courage to try any on, I just don’t think they would suit me or fit my style particularly but I’d like to try them one day!

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas :) XXXXX

  9. Ina

    I LOVE the disco pants on you, they look supercool in this casual ensemble! Lovely shade of green on the shirt too! And the last pic is so cute :)

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