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  1. .MIS. Manhattan Image & Style

    Love it!! I will be focusing in Christmas and making sure I get everything done on time! <3

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  2. Fashion Galleria

    Such a lovely goals. I’m Asian girl but i love Christmas too. :-D

  3. Pacific Merchants

    oh my god, so many goals.
    – Thanksgiving Dinner: Throw it (I’m hosting 2 this year) without any meltdowns.
    – Figure out Christmas gifts. I’m not doing homemade for everyone, but I want to know who gets what.
    – Get my home in order for the holidays (it’s my first time hosting a whole-family xmas)
    – Keep up my gym schedule (ugh)
    – Make my own meals at least 5 days a week

  4. Caitlin

    I love your plan on thinking about Christmas gifts – I may do the same, since I would love to do some handmade items this year, too! Let us know what you end up deciding on, I may steal some for myself:) The other goal I’m working on right now is trying to figure out three people to become “pen pals” with, like back in the 90s when that was a huge deal! I love getting letters, so I want to pick 3 people (either friends or bloggers I’m friendly with) and send at least one letter a month. Let me know if you have any interest in this and we can figure out how to exchange addresses:) (I take no offense if you don’t want to, I realize it can feel weird sharing your address with someone you don’t know that well!)

    1. jessthetics

      I have a lot of interest in this, it’s a brilliant idea! My email is jessthetics@gmail.com if you want to email me :)

  5. anne

    Good luck :) Your blog is so nice! New follower here :) X Anna


  6. marieken

    I love good olf photo albums, have fun making them!

  7. Laila

    Jess I so love your monthly goals. I’m actually going to do November goals as well! I tend to just have a list of stuff to do and never get through it but I think monthly works better! My November goals is sell all of my old clothes via a blogsale or maybe ASOS marketplace or something but it seems so much hassle to do that! X

  8. Ina

    Oh yes! I have the same goal concerning the xmas presents – you can never start early enough with this!

  9. Delilah

    i have goals in november too, let’s just hope you and i both can complete it haha

  10. CurlsnSkirls

    Too many to list on my side; may you attain all your important ones!

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