7 responses to “Handmade Letter Writing Paper”

  1. marieken

    I love handwritten mail, especially when it’s on pretty paper!

  2. wilma van asch

    Beautiful, but that last one I like most.

  3. Manhattan Image and Style

    Oh, I love this!! Thank you for this inspirational idea!! <3

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  4. Caitlin

    I LOVE THIS!! And, funny thing, it just so happens I’ll be writing a lot of letters to a pen pal… :) By the way, I’m guessing the one I crafted for you got a little squished because I hand made it and I didn’t have a correctly sized envelope, which I realized only AFTER I made it gigantic. I’ll get better with time, hopefully!!

    1. jessthetics

      Haha, you might recognise some of the writing paper that’s heading your way… I’m so excited! xxx

  5. Becca/Ladyface Blog

    These are so pretty! I need to write more letters!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. Hannah

    These are so pretty, such a lovely idea.

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