13 responses to “Archie Embroidery”

  1. Kati

    Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so talented and your bunny turned out so absolutely cute! Just bookmarked this…

    Have the best day ever,

  2. Caitlin

    This is *excellent*!! What a great gift and it turned out to be so adorable. The shading you gave it with stitching is really impressive.

  3. marieken

    Congrats with your dad, you made him a super cool gift!

  4. Laila

    You’re so clever Jess! This is inspired! :) XX

  5. wilma van asch

    Great gift, Archie looks so cute.

  6. daniela

    such a sweet gift! xx

  7. winnie

    What a thoughtful idea! I love this – must have been a lot of fun to embroider too, I haven’t crafted in so long -you’ve definitely inspired me to start making more things!

  8. KerryCan

    What a nice idea–your father with like this better than anything you could’ve purchased! That’s a cute bunny!

  9. Delilah

    this is so cool! you are so cool!
    i think the altenative rock era – the era we grow up with, is no longer in favour anymore :) so it’s a good choice when MCR decided to break up when they are still legendary.

  10. .MIS. Manhattan Image & Style

    What a beautiful gift! I love it! <3

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  11. Fashion Galleria

    what a lovely rabbit and you are so creative :-D

  12. Katie

    How adorable & cute is this! <3 I love it :) I used to embroid some stuff too, but it seems like it was ages ago! <3

  13. Becca/Ladyface Blog

    This is so lovely! You’re a talented stitcher! I hope your dad loved it!

    Ladyface Blog

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