6 responses to “So Long, September”

  1. KerryCan

    Sounds like a great month overall! Here’s to October!

  2. marieken

    I like that vase. Is the tablecloth embroidered? Did you make that too?

    1. jessthetics

      It is embroidered but I didn’t make it unfortunately!

  3. tapeparade

    Hmmm that’s interesting about bloggers – I agree daily life gets edited. I actually try really hard to show my life as it really is my featuring rehearsals, meetings, posts about what it’s like being freelance, being on tour, being on stage etc (quite often I try to somehow coerce these into outfit posts so people aren’t just incredibly bored!) but there are things I edit out by necessity – details of my students, where I teach, details of my friends and their lives and that kind of thing. So I guess it is still quite a highly edited version of me that reaches my blog. Although I do try and present the tedious aspects of my life alongside the more interesting bits! XXX

  4. Fashion Galleria

    I love September because each year i’ve got a surprise for my birthday. Ahaha.

  5. fleurdh

    I saw some of your pictures, I really like your style!! ;)

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