7 responses to “October Goals”

  1. The Thread Affect

    #4 has been on my goal sheet for the past year – maybe this month I will finally get to it! Good luck with your other goals!!

  2. Anna

    Number 4 is so hard for me and I want to celebrate Halloween as well :) X Anna

  3. Katie

    good luck with your goals <3

  4. Nol

    Great goals! I hope you’ll find good masters programs :) I’m also planning on celebrating Halloween properly this year, although it will be the Celtic way for me. Can’t wait to read about October! xx

  5. sugarlychee

    #3 & #4 are on to-do list too!

  6. Becca/Ladyface Blog

    These are such great goals! I’m currently racking my brain trying to think of a good costume idea. I’m also looking to do some blog design work, so we’ve got some similar goals!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. sophiamusoki

    Sounds fun!

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