19 responses to “DIY Bat Costume”

  1. BeingZhenya

    Oh this is wickedly awesome!

  2. Chelsea

    Jess this is AMAZING! I finished mine today as well! I love it you and can’t wait to see you in it real soon

  3. Zack

    This is so bat-ass! Love it!

  4. marieken

    You look awesome!

  5. Emma

    This is so pretty! Perfect halloween outfit! I love your DIY wings and you really suit dark lipstick, I say continue that after halloween is over. I hope you get lots of Candy!

    Emma x

  6. wilma van asch

    So cool, have a great Halloween!

  7. Caitlin

    This is AWESOME!! Absolutely love these bat wings, and how mobile they’ll be as you’re walking around in your costume. Zack and I know what we’re going to be, but he always makes me keep it a secret until we reveal the costume at our first Halloween party (which will probably actually be on Halloween itself this year). We’re always a music couple (1st year: Jack & Meg White, 2nd: Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, 3rd: Johnny & June Carter Cash). This year, it’s a somewhat obscure couple, so hopefully folks will recognize us!

  8. .MIS. Manhattan Image & Style

    Great idea! I followed your blog! Feel free to follow me back to keep in touch if you wish! <3

  9. itselliewellie

    Adorable. =) The makeup looks great.

  10. Blythe

    I love your costume! It looks great on you and it’s awesome that you made it yourself.

  11. Delilah

    ahh so cute, i definitely will try this someday♥

  12. Nol

    Wow, this bat costume is effective! Great job :D it looks dark and compelling, I love it! I also meant to comment on your bat decorations, they look amazing, love the bigger ones in between loads of smaller one… you’re very talented!!

  13. cintia

    this turned out awesome. Love the chop stick idea

  14. Katie

    This costume is fabulous :)


  15. Jewell

    thank you so much for posting this online! I’m making it now and I hope it turns out as fabulous as yours

  16. Brooke Devoy

    If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get the costume to stay secured around your shoulders? ty

  17. Lily

    What type of fabric did you use? Thanks!

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