15 responses to “Blogger Favourites: Photography Edition”

  1. Kati

    Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    I used to love Carrie’s blog but forgot about it – thanks for reminding me!

    Have a great week,

  2. .MIS. Manhattan Image & Style

    Great pictures! I am in love with that cute bunny!! <3

    Visit my blog if you wish, I have a little surprise/news for all my followers! <3


  3. Emma

    All of these images look like something that would go viral on Tumblr! So much great stuff comes out of blogs, people are really talented! Thanks for sharing some of your personal favourites!

    Emma x

  4. winnie

    Ah I definitely get attached to blogs through their photos – Carries blog is definitely one of my favourites too, she really does have a great eye for composition. I wish my photography was as good!

  5. Amanda

    All those bloggers really do have such amazing photos, they all are great inspirations.

  6. sophiamusoki

    Great images! Like seriously!

  7. Mahnoor Malik

    Great post :)


  8. Eccentric Owl

    I agree with your thoughts on all of these bloggers! They all have a wonderful style of photography, and I’m constantly working to try to better my own skills based on how inspired I am by other bloggers.

  9. Delilah

    these blog are really beautiful, i’ve been following most of them ♥

  10. marieken

    I love the green and pink house. Wouldn’t the world be prettier with more of those?

  11. tapeparade

    This is an interesting read! I acutally only read about 6 blogs (obvs including yours) but it is always interesting having a look at others to compare and contrast. Also Carrie from the wish wish blog is a friend of James (and she lives round the corner from us) so that’s funny to see you read her blog :) she certainly is popular! Like that flower dress she has and the flower dress in the next photo from Christina. xX

  12. Katie

    oh yes, these bloggers have such beautiful photos <3

  13. daniela

    great picks – carrie’s such a sweetie! xx

  14. Christina

    Oh, thanks for the feature and I’m so happy people seem to like my photos and blog! Thank again Jess! :)

  15. Steffi Santa

    I love Wish Wish Wish! Her pictures are so beautiful and inspiring <3


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