9 responses to “What I Wore: Pastels and Purple”

  1. BeingZhenya

    I love your lipstick and OMG is that your bunny?


  2. M + K

    your shoes are so cute and the colours on that peacock necklace are gorgeous!


  3. Fabliha

    Your dark lipstick looks AMAZING paired with the pastel shades in your outfit. Great look x


  4. Fashion Galleria

    Love this outfit. Looks semi-formal that skirt is versatile. Your hair bun and your lipstick such a perfect with that outfit. Lovely and chic like always.

  5. Nichole Alabi

    I gotta know that lipstick!

  6. fashmongers

    Loooove your lipstick

  7. Cara

    This is such a perfect outfit – the pastel skirt is dreeeeeamy and that shade of lipstick suits you so much! You look gorgeous :)

    Oh, and hello Archie! I love bunnies so much, it breaks my heart that I can’t have one until I move out again :( Wah!

    Cara xxx

    Glacial Glow

  8. Margaret

    So, slightly awkwardly to back-read your blog a couple of months and then comment to make it obvious, but those shoes are AMAZING! Can you remember where on Ebay you found them?

    1. jessthetics

      That’s what archives are for! Thank you :) They were vintage I got them in first year so the ebay listing dosn’t exist anymore, but they were from this seller http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/jazzysteves :)

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