10 responses to “What I Wore: Mom Jeans”

  1. Kati

    What a cute look today, I love the trousers on you so much and the hair style is pretty adorable, too!
    I know what you mean: so annoying when you get something and then it is on sale!

    Have a fantastic day,

  2. The Thread Affect

    I can absolutely relate to the butt/waist issue and they do remind me of the early days of Friends! Don’t you love how trends always come back around! Super cute girl!

  3. Fashion Galleria

    Very chic. Love it. You are look so good with the red lipstick

  4. lisalisa

    I love this look- super stylish! Those boots are awesome, too bad I’m on a spending freeze. I put them on my ebay watch list for later though :)

  5. Heidie Makes

    loving this look!:)

  6. inconformistafashionista

    Lovely top! Beautiful pictures!!


  7. isilnoir

    I really like your blog, thanks for sharing nice DIYs and creative things :) I wanted to ask if you teased your hair while doing this hairstyle? I was looking for some 60’s-70’s inspired hairstyles without cutting bangs :D so your pinterest board is so useful for me :D

    1. jessthetics

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re finding it useful. Yeah, I did tease my hair which is probably not very good for it… but I love big hair :)

      1. isilnoir

        I love it too but I’m too scared to do it :D But I will give it a try. I think teasing your hair once a month or something won’t harm that much :D

  8. Toni

    Love the outfit! I too love mom jeans as they are the jeans I wore back in the 80’s! I especially love the light wash like the ones you are wearing and I also like to wear them with any light blue top or even white for a head-to-toe cool icy blue vibe! Love the hair idea also. Keep on stylin!

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