16 responses to “In the Meadow”

  1. Caitlin

    Love this outfit! So flow-y and lovely:)

  2. Chelsea

    These are such beautiful photos Jess. Both you and the field look incredible! That is such a nice dress and you look really stunning!!! I’m glad the horse rider was okay, the strangest news I hoof (lol) herd (lol) all day, sorry the story just happened to stirrup all these puns. xxx

  3. Camelia

    This is a lovely outfit, and I’m into with your blog! :)

  4. hanalei ho gene


  5. Emma

    These pictures are so beautiful! Well done photographer and well done you for looking so nice! The second picture is particularly cute! The print on your vintage dress is lovely too. Basically great post <3

    Emma x

  6. Marieken

    I love the colours in the first picture, and your hair! I wish my hair would do the curly thing.

  7. Candy Pop

    Gorgeous outfit and photos!

  8. Holl JC

    You look awesome! I love your sunglasses! xxx


  9. Kati

    Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    I love this outfit – the dress and vest are so pretty!

    Have a great day,

  10. Carina

    Aw this dress is perfect on you, love the hippie feel with your hair and the sunnies! Also the backdrop is beautiful for this outfit! :)

  11. EmerJa

    Amazing pictures and the dress in perfect. You’re gorgeous!!! :)


  12. Elena

    You’re beautiful!

  13. tapeparade

    You look like an extra from Hair!!!! I mean that as a compliment :) stunning field but how depressing about the housing estate. XXX

  14. greenmilktea

    Lovely dress! The pattern on it is sooo pretty. Wish I have a field like that nearby for me to take pictures in.

  15. Rachel

    Oh my gosh, that looks like the most perfect day ever!

  16. Amy

    Jess! I missed this at the time but these photos are absolutely beautiful.

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